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Australia – A World Unto Itself

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When a continent is cut adrift for millions of years it becomes a world unto itself, that world is called Australia. It’s a place of bizarre beauty, Earth’s definitive reality and Mother Nature’s test kitchen. In Australia unique landscapes inspire radical designs and animals too extraordinary for the rest of the world make perfect sense. Using Google Earth to view Australia you get the whole picture, how the pieces fit together and how the land made the life. It’s a new perspective of Australia.


The spiritual and symbolic heart of the island continent, Uluru stands like an iceberg in a desolate sea, a single slab of rock extending underground for up to 6 kilometres….all that remains after millions of years of slow erosion. More than a landmark, Uluru is the embodiment of the continent and the Aboriginal people’s sacred site.

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Transport yourself into the ‘known’…

Transport yourself into the ‘known’…

A Bus Hire Extended Tour from Sydney

What’d you get up to on your holidays? Coach charter from Sydney to Uluru? White water rafting up the Zambezi? Eating indigenous cuisine in the Gulf of Fonseca? Trekking the Lost Tibetan Kingdom of Mustang? Tombstoning off a Patagonian cliff? A holiday ain’t a holiday unless you’ve gone far away, ventured, adventured, taken yourself on the most paradoxically well-worn path of them all: ‘out of your comfort zone’. For many people, the ‘h’ word stands for ‘Homer’s Odyssey’.


Me? The ‘h’ word means: ‘home away from home’. That’s right. I belong to the least groovy sub set in the world: the people who go to the same place every year for their holiday. This, of course, conjures up terrible images of beetroot-skinned British tourists in flip-flops complaining that you can’t get a decent cuppa tea in the Costa Del Sol, etc etc. I once met some people on one of my Sydney bus tours who trekked to a caravan park every summer from their home – 20 minutes away.

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