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NSW Government Accredited Operator

Sydney Coach Hire trading as Sydney City Coach Hire is a top provider of tour and charter bus services with accreditation for 10 vehicles.

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Our Drivers / Coach Captains

All our drivers are registered, authorised and display current NSW Driver Authorities issued by RMS

NSW Driver Authority

Customer Service

Sydney Coach Hire employes professional office staff that are trained in route management, event planning and logistics to help you with your next corporate or social event

Our phone staff are on call ready to help you with phone quotes, itinerary planning and ideas for your upcoming transport requirements.

Our experienced staff can help with complicated logistics of running corporate shuttles, event minibuses for trade shows, office relocations, commercials and films programs requiring large fleet movements of minibuses or coaches.

Our online booking system ensures we get all the necessary information required to make your charter service a successful one.
We have online booking forms for different services. Sydney Coach Hire understands that not all bookings are the same.
Compared to all other companies, we provide a booking page specific to the required service.
A wedding transfer or tour service will have different requirements than an airport transfer which requires flight information, detailed arrival instructions and more.

Sydney Coach Hire rates are priced on the service. A transfer at 5pm on a Friday in the CBD to the airport would be more expensive that if it was a Saturday at 10am. Time and dates do affect the pricing on the service and so does the size of the bus. A bus (e.g. 48 seater coach) would be the same price if there was 30 or 40 passengers. The cost is based on the vehicle, not a per-person rate.

All our transport services are bespoke which means customised to your requirements and itinerary. All transport services are private which means we don’t mix groups. We cater to you and your groups service only.

These are just some of the small details that sets us apart from other transport companies which makes us one of Sydney’s most sought after bus and coach companies.

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