Frequently Asked Questions

Sydney Coach Hire often gets asked similar questions so we have compiled a general list of FAQs.

Please feel free to call or email us with a question that you don’t find below.

Q. Do you offer self-drive? We have our own driver.
A. Sorry, no. We don’t provide self-drive or bus rental.

Q. Can we drink alcohol on the buses?
A. No, there is no alcohol allowed on any coach or minibus.

Q. Can we drink water in the buses?
A. Yes, bottled water is allowed.

Q. Can we eat in the buses?
A. No, Under NSW law there is no food to be consumed on any bus unless for medical reasons in which must be put in writing prior to the service.

Q. Do you provide party bus services or bucks parties buses?
A. No, we do not provide party buses involving alcohol.

Q. Do you do kids party buses?
A. Yes, we provide kids party buses.

Q. Can we put up decorations in the vehicles?
A. Yes, as long as we provide permission in writing and the hirer takes down and cleans up at the end of service.

Q. Do you allow standing passengers?
A. No, all passengers must be seated.

Q. Can we smoke e-cigarettes on the bus?
A. No, no smoking of any kind is permitted by law within 4 metres of a bus or coach.

Q. Do you operate after midnight?
A. No, however weddings are an exception providing we do the forward and return legs of the transport.

Q. If we book multiple services can we get a discount?
A. Absolutely, we offer discounts for repeat customers and first-time clients with multiple services.

Q. What is the maximum capacity on the largest coach?
A. 65 passengers is the maximum. E.g. If you have 75 passengers then you will require a 65 seater coach and a 12 seater minibus, 85 passengers requires a second 20 passenger vehicle etc.

Q. Where are you located?
A. We are in North Ryde.

Q. What are your prices and rates?
A. We cannot display prices or rates as each service is different. All prices are based on depot to depot so a 4hr charter starting in Penrith is a 6hr charter for us being one hour each way in travel time.

Q. How do we pay?
A. Bank transfer or credit card. Corporate accounts are available with EOM (end of month) payments or NET 14-day payments.

Q. Do you accept cash payments to the driver on the day?
A. No, we don’t allow drivers to handle cash.